We have some exciting news!

We received a special invitation to attend the Triple "000" Fashion runway fundraiser organised by the founder and fashion designer Nowman Kareem of the Helping Hands Foundation on the 26th of November at The Langham in Southbank, Melbourne. 

This Inaugural Gala fundraiser lights up the Catwalk as emergency service heroes light up the runway for a good cause that is supporting the Highlands Foundation who support kids and families in need to assist in reducing the high maternal and infact death.

Helping Hands Foundation's Nowman Kareem heard about Humanitarian Hearts Inc and our project vision of a permaculture eco-sanctuary for orphans. He was so impressed with what we are trying to achieve, that he was so kind to not only invite us to present this Humanitarian Hearts project on stage but he also would support and lend a helping hand to Project:Mother Earth.

So we have been full steam ahead in preparation of our new look business cards to be printed for our new President Bette Petrov and Founder Ramy Najmeddine, Designing a banner for Humanitarian Hearts, preparing a power point presentation and putting together our project brochure that shares the important points about Project: Mother Earth and designing the site plan for the project too that will appear on all documents including our new website!