As we are getting closer to the date of presenting Project:Mother Earth at The Langham in Melbourne we have been so busy at Humanitarian Hearts!

We have designed and printed new look business cards, updated our new look website, written up a section on Project:Mother Earth for our projects page on our website, and now preparing to design a tri-fold brochure, a display banner, and one of the highlights of the whole thing, the actual design of the proposed site plan!

Bette Petrov, President of Humanitarian Hearts Inc and architectural designer has spent countless hours with Ramy Najmeddine discussing how permaculture would dictate much of the overall design as Ramy is also a Certified Permaculture Designer. 

They have discussed many topics and Bette has basically taken an introduction crash course in Permaculture from Ramy. They discussed what are swales and how it benefits the landscape to capture and slowly release water into the soil, how swales can be interconnected to ponds and aquaculture, the benefits of building and establishing things on contour, discussed banana circles, how to use ridges as walkways and access, and even compost.

But the beauty unfolds in the visual drawings produced by Bette and here are a few drawing updates as she colours in the proposed site plan. The final site plan in A2 size will go on display at the gala event alongside the brochures, but she has done another colour version to be quickly scanned to be inserted into the brochure we are designing on Project:Mother Earth!

We hope you like them as much as we did!