A few weeks ago we were introduced to SkyCorp Managing Director Justin Hoang by a mutual friend who informed him about Humanitarian Hearts Inc. and the Mother Earth initiative developed by founder, Ramy Najmeddine. A meeting was set and our mutual friend Ferdinand Gouw along with SkyCorp Managing Director Justin Hoang met with Humanitarian Hearts founder Ramy Najmeddine and President Bette Petrov.

We discussed how Humanitarian Hearts came into existence and the development of the Mother Earth Permaculture Institute & Sanctuary for Orphans. We also shared the importance of permaculture principles and lining ourselves with the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share which will project us forward.

SkyCorp was so impressed with what we have disclosed, the oozing enthusiasm from founder Ramy Najmeddine and President Bette Petrov was so contagious that we can now officially disclose that SkyCorp have chosen Humanitarian Hearts Inc. to be one of the organisations in 2017 to be granted their full branding service pro-bono!

That is correct! SkyCorp will partner with Humanitarian Hearts Inc. to essentially set the path for our future direction in the market so that we place ourselves strategically and earn trust in the market. 

We at Humanitarian Hearts Inc. would like to thank Justin Hoang and his team at SkyCorp for their time, effort and generosity with his amazing gesture of assistance to us at our very early stages in the market.

We look forward to working with SkyCorp moving forward and building a firm lasting relationship.