The latest news piece from our partners at SKYCORP!

SKYCORP writes:

Over eight hours of interview analysis, sixty-five hours of strategic development, fourteen possible brand combinations culminating in a single bespoke branding system. Humanitarian Hearts will never be the same.

Last month we had the privilege of meeting with Ramy Najmeddine and Bette Petrov on the great work they had done and their unrelenting commitment to this charity.

As momentum continues to build on yet another exciting year, we are pleased, for the first time, to introduce our 2017 pro-bono client: Humanitarian Hearts. Anchored in a rich history of volunteer work and goodwill, Founder, Ramy Najmeddine and President, Bette Petrov are focussed on alleviating poverty, illiteracy and disease through the deployment of educational and sustainable solutions, thus removing the sole dependency on the traditional dollar-a-day model which has proven to be limiting.

We’re looking forward to partnering with Humanitarian Hearts to develop something special during the course of 2017.

Justin Hoang, Managing Director

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