Mother Earth: Permaculture Institute & Eco-Sanctuary for Orphans

We live in a time where we witness skyrocketing food prices, a continuous rise in cost of living, ridiculously high fuel prices, unstable fluctuating financial markets, devastating floods and fires, an alarming rise in the number of refugees and movement of people around the globe due to war and destruction, all this is tearing countries apart and disenfranchising thousands of people around the world. We have to realise that any economic system that centralises wealth and power is, ultimately, socially and ecologically unsustainable. 

With this in mind, one of the systematic solutions that brings stability, sustainability and abundance, is permaculture. A set of principles and ethics that has the power to address many issues we witness in the world today, in fact it can change the world. It is the only logical eco-evolution option we have available that will result in surplus and food security for hundreds of thousands of people. It was penned down by an Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher, biologist and co-founder of the global permaculture movement Bill Mollison [4 May 1928 - 24 September 2016].  

Now enter Mother Earth, a vision of Ramy Najmeddine, founder of Humanitarian Hearts Inc, who upon completing his Permaculture Design Certificate and Master Planning Certificate at Rak Tamachat, a Natural Living Education Centre in North East Thailand, realised that with the design principles and ethics set out in permaculture, is one of the only solutions available that will bring an eco-harmony over people, it can be a life changing system to many communities around the globe. It teaches that problems are solutions, like a blessing in disguise, and can be applied to just about any environment and in just about any condition, whether you live in a temperate climate, in the tropics or the subtropics, it will thrive and bring abundance. 

So upon returning to Australia and already financially supporting 100 orphans in Indonesia and 50 in Sri Lanka for several years via a handful of donors, he realised that this is in no way a self-sustainable avenue. Ramy set out to focus and develop a concept that marries the elements of guardianship of orphans, education and a demonstration site, natural healthy living, food security with an abundant surplus, green energy and a natural agri-business that develops multi avenues of income streams without needing continuous indefinite financial support, rather it will grow and give back more in abundance as a result. Isn't that AWESOME!

Architectural designer Bette Petrov, President of Humanitarian Hearts Inc. will work closely with Ramy to further develop the design to meet permaculture principles and design ethics. 



A sanctuary for orphans, single mothers and widows who will reside under our care. 

Permaculture Demonstration Site

A natural established design ecosystem with interconnecting systems in place to work together to produce abundance. It will be open to the public to see and experience first hand how the systems in place connect to bring abundance and food security.

Education Centre

We shall provide both the opportunities needed for academic learning to transition on to higher education level while also acquiring permaculture design and farming techniques.

Organic Agri-Business

We shall take advantage of local fresh food markets and businesses to sustain the needs of the site and its dependants by selling our surplus. While also implementing a semi commercial Aquaponics system that will also bring a source of natural abundance!

Income Streams

Possibility to establish our own brand of organic soap and essential oils from available organic sources onsite. 

Green Energy

We will be drastically reducing our carbon footprint by powering the site with solar arrays and several wind turbines, we may have a solution for hydro electricity too.

Projected timeline.

Projected timeline.

This life changing initiative will empower all involved to live by ethics to care for the earth, to care for others and to fair share the surplus, no system today does this other than permaculture. It is a lifestyle we want to live and want to teach to children, so they can go on to make positive changes in the world and in the environment and have the skills to build abundance and food security. Your support is greatly needed.
— Ramy Najmeddine, Founder of Humanitarian Hearts Inc.

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