It all started back in...

It all started back in 2004 when I decided to go on my first holiday overseas to Indonesia, I was excited to also be doing it all alone. No one to translate for me, not even knowing how to say hello in the local language, and not too familiar with local food or culture either. But I found it quite an exhilarating experience to speak english consciously and knowing full well that the local people actually have no clue what I'm talking about, which directed me to speak broken english taking proper words out of a sentence and rely on getting a message across with silly hand gestures.

During my trip, I was in the capital city of Jakarta where I just got out of a cab that I picked up on the street in front of my hotel. I know the driver must have definitely over charged me and I could not work out the currency quick enough to the Australian dollar because it had way too many zero's than I am used to, I am sure I got ripped off several times but was certain that it was not that much of a difference considering the currency is much more affordable.

I stood at a traffic light waiting for the signs to change to cross the road and enter into a mall to find something to eat at a food court, hopefully some food that I am familiar with. I was just standing watching the hundreds of motor bikes going past and still to this day I am amazed at just how many motor bikes and scooters are on the street in Jakarta.

I suddenly I felt a tug at the right side of my jeans, I looked down to see what it was, and to my surprise it was a little girl looking up at me with her beautiful dark brown eyes, her hair was shoulder length, she had on a dark blue ripped dress and put her hand out to me saying something in Indonesian I could not understand, but knew that she wanted some change. I was taken back at why such a young girl was begging at a street intersection. She was the most adorable young girl I have ever seen, she stood as high as my thighs and was extremely thin, she also looked like she has not had a bath for so long.

I knelt down and shook her hand and said hello, I told her I am sorry I don't understand what you are saying. I had a friend who was a naval architect working in Bali at the time so I made a  quick call and explained what was going on. I put her on the phone with the little girl who spoke to her for a few minutes, and I then took the phone to hear what is the story. She told me the girl was homeless and she has no family, she lives around the corner not far from the intersection. I asked if she could tell the little girl to take me to where she lives so I can maybe deliver her to someone, the girl took my hand and walked me around the corner under a bridge and pointed at a box half filled with old newspapers. She told me she sleeps here, I was really shocked to see this, i sat there for minute looking and I could clearly see if she rolled over 3-4 times she would end up in the stream of water running under the bridge, and this water was far from drinkable, it was filled with rubbish and plastic and i would say could possibly be toxic.

I then asked the


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