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Humanitarian Hearts was founded in October 2014 as an avenue to do good while also being conscious of the environmental impact we have and it’s importance needed to survive today more than ever. Humanitarian Hearts is is more than just a charity. This is a chosen way of life for us.

It all began on my first ever trip to Indonesia in 2004 where I took on a journey to experience a new culture and food. One day i was waiting to cross a busy road on my way to have lunch at a mall in Jakarta, as i was waiting I felt a tug on my pant leg and when i looked down I saw a little girl with beautiful big brown eyes wearing a blue dress which had seen better days, she did not look like she has bathed for weeks and stuck her palm out asking for some money. I did not understand what she was saying to me, i knelt down to get close and give her my attention and quickly called a friend on the phone to translate. We found out she was alone on the street and she stands at the street intersection everyday asking for money or food, but the most shocking thing to me was she was only 4 years old and when we asked her where she lived she took my hand and led me around the corner under a bridge and explained she slept under the road without family.

I couldn't just ignore this little girl, not only did she tug on my pant leg she tugged on my heart too. We crossed the road, where I bought her a fresh set of clothes and a toy, and some much needed lunch also. Then I arranged with my friend on the phone to talk to a taxi driver whom I stopped and to ask him to take us to the nearest orphanage. So we took a ride in the taxi to an orphanage where I was fortunate enough to meet someone there who spoke enough English to communicate with me. I asked them to take this little girl in and I left a donation to the orphanage for their assistance.

I have not looked back since that day and as soon as I returned back home I began sharing this experience and collecting donations from family and close friends every year and donating it to orphans and single mothers in Indonesia who are in need of the support.

I traveled to Thailand in late 2015 and completed the Permaculture Design Certificate at Rak Tamachat Natural Living Education Centre to learn the skills needed to design and develop sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. To my mind, this was  the solution required to make a real and everlasting impact in the world..

Further to this, I have just been certified as an Aquaponics Designer by world renowned Aquaponics System Designer and Australia’s own Murray Hallam and the Aquaponics Design Institute. A complement to the permaculture certification.

The Mother Earth Project concept we developed will change this standard approach and will feed, educate and empower them to grow what they eat and eat what they grow and provide an eco-sanctuary of shelter, safety and education in a natural living environment. There is no other solution today that brings along abundance in such a balance other than Permaculture.


For those wanting to inspire a new wave of innovation, strengthen local economies and actively target poverty, Humanitarian Hearts is a not for profit organisation specializing in the design and development of fully sustainable agricultural systems. Through a process known as Permaculture, a piece of land can be altered to become a self-sufficient source of food and water for local communities. This approach lead to the development of the Mother Earth project focused on creating an eco-sanctuary to rescue orphans and allow them to learn, apply their knowledge and benefit from the program.

So why Indonesia? well Indonesia is the first destination Humanitarian Hearts would like to implement The Mother Earth project as it was where everything began for me. The Mother Earth project is a model and master plan that we envision could be implemented anywhere on Earth and at just about any scale.

I needed a distinct focus with the charity from what's out there and to develop an outcome that is environmentally friendly, self sustainable and allows us the opportunity to be guardians of orphaned young children in need. For me, it was important to be earth-centric or earth conscious and having sustainable agricultural business avenues for the site to bring abundance. This is why we have adopted the Permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share to inspire our project’s vision and ongoing development which has been so exciting. This is how the Mother Earth Permaculture Institute & Eco-Sanctuary for Orphans was developed.

Our ambitions for this project close to my heart not only delivers a Permaculture education centre to teach local and international students natural agricultural techniques; it will house and feed orphans onsite in a safe and secure environment..  

I am a man of many passions and creative layers and my close friends will tell you I certainly don’t do things in halves. My motto is “achieve more, do more”. So I have completed my Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Sound Production from Melbourne Polytechnic, I am self taught in photography and videography and we live in a time where it is quite simple for anyone with a creative eye and passion to produce great content. But most recently I have completed the Aquaponics Design Certificate and have been certified by one of the world’s best Aquaponics system designers, Australia’s own Murray Hallam at the Aquaponics Institute of Australia. All the skills, talents and experiences gained so far have already been put to good use as content is created, our journey is documented and the running of Humanitarian Hearts at its different stages continues to thrive. From agricultural farming systems to the production of music to complement visual content, I will certainly be making good use of every skill!

I was very humbled with being a recipient of the 2017 Ambassador for Peace Award from the Universal Peace federation whom are a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Being recognized for doing good and serving others is an amazing feeling and really energizes me to keep pushing forward and being a part of positive change.

On a final note, I would ask that you please share and follow us on our official Facebook Page to find out about our latest news updates, and should you feel compelled to support the cause in a small way please donate towards the Mother Earth project by clicking on the button below! Reminder that all donations over $2 are tax deductible!